Pool Opening

Basic Pool Opening

Your pool is put into operational condition by our highly trained technicians. The following services are performed as needed:

Install gauges, plugs, and baskets
Install rails, ladders, and pool cleaner
Test fire the heater
Perform a complete water test
Balance the water (Chemicals not included)
Complete evaluation of the pool

Additional Services Provided

Vacuuming and netting
Caretaker or extra pump
Opening seperate system
Revisit (Chemicals extra)
Any required repairs

Pool Cover Removal

Mesh Cover removal (Loop-Loc, Meyco, Anchor, etc.)
Solid Cover removal (Loop-Loc Solid, Anchor, Poly, Water Bag Covers, etc.)

Chemically scrubbing Solid Cover
Water and debris removal

When calling to schedule for your Pool Opening, please make sure that the water level in the pool is to the normal operating level (middle of the tile line). If you want vacuuming, please make sure the water level is all the way to the top of the tile line (bottom of the coping stones). This will allow us to complete the Opening without an extra charge for a return visit if the water level